Kristie Jorfald did the MOST amazing closet cleanse for me this morning. I know I was skeptical about it too – what is a closet cleanse? It was really an opportunity to be out with the old to MAKE ROOM for the new! I really believe that’s the first step to allowing room for new things in your life.
Rita, A. Senior Tax Associate, Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Kristie provides great insight for personal styling. Her approach is welcoming and confidence boosting!
Barb, R. VP & Chief Human Resources Officer, La-Z-Boy

Kristie is a joy to work with. She listens, understands and teaches me. Every session is fun and educational. She has helped me to evolve my thinking about style and clothing. She has taught me to think in ways I would not have had the vision or creativity to execute on. Kristie is in my head as I think about my outfits and when I look in the mirror, I think “Will Kristie think this outfit rocks?” I am loving improving my style and most importantly, I feel strong and confident in the outfits Kristie has chosen for me. I am grateful for Kristie and will continue to work with her.
Wendy B. President & CEO, WBS Equities, LLC

Kristie is an absolute pleasure to work with and has a great eye. She can mix pieces that take you from the board room to the dance floor with minimal changes and efforts. She knows how to find clothes that compliment your silhouette and picks pieces you wouldn’t necessary choose for yourself but end up being fabulous.
Raquel, D. General Counsel, GE Industrial Solutions

Amazing styling skills! I’ve never had a stylist that has actually listened closely to what I want and what I need, the way she did.
Michaela, S. NBC Universal

I highly recommend Kristie Jorfald to anyone looking to define their personal style or take it to the next level. After getting to know me and understanding my goals and concerns, Kristie was able to apply her skill and fashion sense in a thoughtful and creative way. My personal style is now more colorful and exciting, and reflects my personality. I am better able to work with existing pieces in my wardrobe and see things while shopping that are great additions, which I never would have been able to identify before. Kristie is a true professional and delightful to work with. I look forward to working with her in the future!
Cindy, R.

Kristie helped me purge my closet before a move. She then followed up with another visit to me new home and helped me put outfits together to better utilize all my pieces in my wardrobe. Even though I have half the amount of clothes I started with, I have triple the outfits now that she taught me how to create day to night looks by dressing up or dressing down my favorites. She made my very vulnerable purging closet experience into an empowering wardrobe styling session. She didn’t try to change my style. She suggested a couple key pieces I was missing in my closet that I was excited to find. She recommended brands she thought I should try that would fit into my closet seamlessly. I highly recommend her services!
Elaine, D.

Kristie is truly an amazing individual and has fabulous taste. She is extremely fashion forward and has her own unique, energetic, fun spin to styling. I loved working with Kristie because of her contagious charismatic personality. Definitely someone to hire and to look out for!
Sashe Taylor, Professional Singer

I wish that I could clone Kristie because I’d gift her to every woman that I know! She has a special way of seeing the unique beauty in every person and translating it visually. Unlike other stylists, she doesn’t just imprint her own taste onto you. Instead, she works with you to bring out and celebrate your own vision. She gives each client the same intent and attention that she offers to her celebrity clientele. If you are looking for just a stylist, you have lots of options. However, if you are looking for a thought partner, cheerleader, confidante, and image strategist, then your only choice is to work with Kristie.
Terra W. Principal, InTerract Consulting